lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Frase de la semana

I think it isn't hard to catch in the air a bird, 
to blow everytime in the wind.
I think a person mustn't do clever things
for create a better world.
I think my own can stay without sleep, 
beacose I don't sleep
 from the day when I saw
your hezel eyes.
Cause oh my love, you're my dream.

Hezel, magic, magnetic, beautiful, preacious eyes.
For me your eyes are better than a blue sky.
For me your smile is better than a sweet.
For me you are better than the paradise, 
for me...  your are a dream in the really world, 
like a butterfly swimming in the sea, 
like a dream.
Cause oh my love, you're my dream.


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